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New wave Valentine’s Day

 January 16, 2008

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A new wave of Strom e-mails have been observed today, this time it is using Valentine’s Day messages. The email message has a catchy Subject line, the body is not that big it has a link from where the threat is installed on the system. The current downloaded file name...

2 Critical Updates

 January 9, 2008

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Update 1. MS08-001 Multiple vulnerabilities in the TCP/IP stack lead to arbitrary code execution and denial of service. This update replaces MS06-032. Update 2. MS08-002 Input validation errors in Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) lead to local exploitation and privilege escalation. For more Information about MS08-001 and MS08-002

Axis Bank phis site

 December 24, 2007

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After recent phishing site blocking of Bank of India, HDFC and ICICI bank it turn of Axis bank. Added the Axis bank phising site in phish site database. The site is hosted in KOREA. We are working to get it down.

Quick Heal 2008 launched in Malaysia

 December 19, 2007

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Quick Heal was launched in Malaysia on 12th of December by our Associate Partner The Mogh Group with much grandeur. The Mogh Group has a good network of channel partners in Malaysia and is very optimistic about the future prospect of Quick Heal in Malaysia. Mr. Jaganath Patnaik the Vice...

India is the next venue to AVAR conference.

 December 18, 2007

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The 2008 AVAR (Association of Anti Virus Asia Research) conference will be held in India. Quick Heal will be hosting this conference. For the first time such a conference will be held in India, which will be attended by security experts and Anti-Virus Guru’s. We are very thankful to all...

AVAR 2007

 December 18, 2007

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The AVAR (Association of Anti Virus Asia Research) 2007 conference was held in Seoul, Korea on November 28 to 30 2007 AVAR 2007 The AVAR conference is held every year which is attended by most of security professional. Presentation on latest Malware Trends, New Anti Malware Technology, Cyber crime other...

Quick Heal Upgrade 2008 has been released

 November 26, 2007

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We’ve released Quick Heal Upgrade 2008 for Quick Heal AntiVirus Plus, Quick Heal Lite and Quick Heal Total Security on 17th November 2007. Users can download and apply the upgrade to get the latest protection against new threats. New features and enhancements introduced in 2008 products are: Quick Heal Antivirus...

PDF spam exploit mailto

 October 24, 2007

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Vulnerability in Adobe Acrobat and Reader 8.1 on Windows allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted PDF file, related to the mailto: option and Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP. More info and patches available on Adobe site. CVE-2007-5020

Fake Anti Virus/Spy programs

 October 3, 2007

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Here are some screen shot of some of the fake/rouge AntiVirus, AntiSpyWare which we detect. The threat landscape has changed along with the skill of malcode authors. If you have come across such application let us know: viruslab at quickheal dot com

SKYPE users targeted

 September 11, 2007

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One more time a worm is spreading through SKYPE. Its detected as Worm.Skipi.a. It uses the chat function of Skype to send a short message containing a link to a seemingly benign JPEG file to other users. Users that click on the link will download and run a copy of...